Serving Western Alaska Coast Villages and Interior River Ports with bulk fuel and freight transport.

  • Large ship
    MT Rimar loading in Daesan, South Korea
  • Renda
    Vitus Marine chartered vessel MT Renda on historic trip to Nome Alaska
  • Vitus Marine provides competitive delivery to all major ports in Western Alaska - Pictured: Tank Vessel MOOR in Nome, AK
  • AVEC183
    Vitus Marine operating in Bering Sea
  • Renda Bow Spray
    Vitus Marine chartered vessel MT Orestina providing bulk deliveries to Bristol Bay Alaska


Vitus Energy is the Parent company for Vitus’s aviation, marine, and terminal operations. The core of our business is managing the delivery of fuel from international and domestic sources to a wide variety of customers in Alaska. Our customers include marine and shore-based distributors, utilities, aviation companies, and Motorists throughout the State of Alaska

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