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Vitus Energy is the Parent company for Vitus’s aviation, marine, and terminal operations. The core of our business is managing the delivery of fuel from international and domestic sources to a wide variety of customers in Alaska. Our customers include marine and shore-based distributors, utilities, aviation companies, and Motorists throughout the State of Alaska



Vitus Marine provides fuel and freight delivery to communities along Western Alaska’s coast and tributary rivers. The company charters tanker ships to access fuel suppliers across the Pacific Rim to ensure we deliver value to the customer. Our fleet serves customers large and small from the Aleutian Peninsula to the Northwest Arctic.



Port Mackenzie is Alaska’s newest and biggest port facility. Central Alaska Energy is developing a 7 million gallon petroleum storage facility adjacent to the rail loop under development. The company will market wholesale gasoline and diesels products and offer terminal space to industrial consumers.



Vitus Terminals specializes in shore based fuel operations. The key services include the storage and distribution of petroleum from bulk storage tanks to commercial and retail customers. Vitus Terminals currently serves Bethel, Kotzebue, and Dillingham.


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